Tatiana Stepanova – Freelance presentation designer

Hi there! I am Tatiana Stepanova, Presentation Designer and the Founder of przntPerfect


Bringing the extensive technical knowledge (10+ years as an analyst and tech lead in IT R&D, Ph.D. in computer science) and academic background (6 years as an associate professor at the university) to the process of presentation development makes me excited about each project I take.

You’re not always sure, that your designer is able to get all that subtle things about the architecture of your app, or the actual message you want to convey? I truly feel your pain here, been there many times. And it turned out, that my expertise in articulating various technically comprehensive topics to different target audiences, from C-Suite and experts to scholars, is helpful.

That’s why I’m offering presentation design for tech-inspired and education-related projects, including non-profits. If you agree, that often times it’s hard to read the label from inside the bottle — I would love to help.

Tatiana Stepanova, Freelance presentation designer

If you’re searching for the freelance presentation design services, most likely you don’t have the capacity for the full-time in-house visual communication department, but still need your ppts to be done in an efficient and timely way.

I dare to offer on-demand flexibility with in-house quality.

We live in the world of the digitized distributed processes, and step by step everyone gets used to outsourcing their business tasks to the remote specialists. So do I. So do you?

Here you’re struggling with the same things, as with the offline hires: find the unicorn, who will take the responsibility, deliver on time and will hold your back during the tough times.



May 2015 — till now. CEO and Presentation Designer.
See some of my projects here

University-based infosec company
February 2010 — till now. Senior Analyst, Technical Team Lead and Presentation Designer

Coordinated and conducted research over numerous novel IT security topics (Big Data, Internet of Things, SCADA security, etc,), developed prototype security solutions, designed presentations and white papers with the descriptions of achieved results.

University-based infosec company
March 2006 — February 2010. Junior Developer and Analyst
Maintained and extended existing security models and algorithms, implementing developed methods in C and Java.



Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University
February 2012 — till now. Associate Professor
Developed and taught lectures and workshops (along with visual materials) on Information Security Models, took part in numerous scientific conferences, published papers in revised journals.

February 2010 — February 2012. Assistant Professor
Developed and taught lectures and workshops (along with visual materials) on Operating Systems Security, took part in numerous scientific conferences, published papers in revised journals.



Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University
 — Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Computer and Information Systems Security/Information Assurance
When working in the research department, digging deep into the theoretical approvement of the modern cybersecurity topics, I came up with a bunch of ideas to research. One of them ended up to be my dissertation: “Ensuring the stability of multi-agent protection systems in the hostile environment of distributed security threats” (defended as a Ph.D. student of the “Information Security of Computer Systems” department). This project was presented at the international conferences (SAI, SIN, MMM).

 — Master’s Degree, Computer and Information Systems Security/Information Assurance
During almost 6 years in the toughest department of the University – “Information Security of Computer Systems” department, I became a real research ninja, capable of understanding and presenting profound technical and math concepts in a few days. This resulted in a highly tangible diploma “Anomaly detection, based on the homogeneity analysis of a computer system parameter set”. I was so excited to the scientific part of the R&D process, that decided to sign up for the Ph.D. degree.



Volunteer Curator and Presentation Designer
I’m keen on gaining various experiences, broadening my view and professional skills. So I was thrilled to participate in the organization of the conference for boss moms, building their own business and top-level corporate jobs. My responsibilities included negotiation with our partners, poster and presentation design.



“Tatiana made the impossible – possible, and I truly appreciate it. Highly recommend her!”
Elad Inbar, founder and CEO of RobotLAB.

“Tatiana is very professional and has a great ‘Can Do’ attitude. Highly responsive and has a quick turnaround. Very knowledgeable both in design, flow and expectations of startup presentations!! She came up with the list of cool questions, which helped our vision show in the presentation! Highly recommended! We would definitely hire her again.”
Shrinivas Akella and Mitthan Meena, founders of multiple IT startups.

That’s what my clients tend to say. They are about to take their business to the next level — just like you, right?

By giving an engaging talk, pitching to unreachable angels and VCs, holding a webinar to open the sales funnel — whatever.

And what’s lack? The presentation (otherwise you won’t be looking through the presentation designer profiles, will you?). A PowerPoint silver bullet (or maybe you’d prefer Keynote, InDesign, Prezi, Canva, Google slides?).

And know what? The presentation is NOT the silver bullet solution. It won’t bring you BIG MONEY out of anything. BUT!

Done right, the presentation will strengthen your system, your authority, your credibility, will help you to see your next big thing and build a tribe around it.
When can you consider your presentation effective? When it clarifies your business vision and produces insights — both for you and your customers.

The presentation can affect literally every single piece of all business processes you have in place.

Unbelievable? Not really.

How do I manage to achieve all that with the design tools?

The overall process could be roughly split into three stages:

1. Structure the content and build the consistent mind map.
2. Linearize this mind map into the engaging and persuasive storyline.
3. Create the slides (font sets, color scheme, layout, template — I definitely pay attention to all that stuff, but it’s only the third step! Not the first and not the only one — otherwise you’re throwing your money away just to get a bunch of useless images).

And please please be aware of one more way of throwing your money away — hiring a designer, inappropriate for your project. I truly feel your pain here: when working as an IT analyst I spent hours — no, days! — trying to find a designer, who will get the point right and understand all those subtle tech things. Who will be able to show the novelty of our software product, introduce the visually impressive infographics about our big data processing approach (without giving away the know-how!), create a pitch for our potential investors and make them excited about our proposal — even more, then we are.

To sum up — it will work for you, if:

1. You’re stuck with the visuals to go along with your conference talk. You want to be modern and to stand out from the crowd.
2. You need a solid powerful pitch deck (from the seed stage to B series) and IT startup consulting services to raise the funds (I have Ph.D. in computer science and strong experience in tech R&D). You need to show your target audience that you know their pains and know, what you’re doing.
3. Your company enters the rebranding process and corporate presentations also need the rebrand. And you don’t exactly know, how to revamp them.
4. You struggle with articulating your comprehensive ideas without confusing the hell out of the listener.
5. You want to turn your target audience into loyal retaining customers by giving a speech.
6. You’re a professional speaker and have a feeling, that you lose your students’ attention (I used to work as an associate professor in the university, preparing presentations both for myself and for my colleagues).

I’m freelance presentation designer, I work worldwide, my clients from all the world. I’d love to hear about your specific needs! Feel free to contact me and let’s get it rolling.

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