Presentation for the non-profits conference

Conference presentation slides for the non-profits conference. Big audience. The dark background which decreases the visual noise and looks powerful.

Presentation for the non-profits Conference

Nothing but great things to say about Tatiana. She nailed our project out of the park! Thank you!

Sarah Barnes, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Campbell & Company

This conference is targeted to the independent school (nonprofits) development leaders — essentially those people that raise money for their schools by working with parents, current students, alumni, board members, and the community.

Our suggestions:


1. Schalk as an accent font (send us to the chalkboard style of the conference and pairs well with the school-related topics).
2. Brandon Grotesque as a body font — thin and elegant, pretty universal, yet not overused. Binds together the school/blackboard atmosphere and the Campbell&Company style.


Maybe I could use yellow as a second accent color (when red is the only one, it creates too more tension, when used with the dark background)? 

As there will be quite a big audience, I’d suggest sticking to the dark background (dark chalkboard), which decreases the visual noise and looks more powerful, than the light one (in your case).

Client — Campbell&Company

Tools: Microsoft PowerPoint + Adobe Illustrator
Skillset: Presentation Design