Tech startup pitch deck

Tech startup pitch deck powerpoint. Slide Presentation designed to pitch content-heavy data to quite conservative board members.

Tech startup pitch deck

The initial audience is highly technical. Think of a small audience of geeks being shown a demo by another geek. They will want to read the text and they will understand it.


This presentation was based on the clients’ blueprint, made for their potential customers. The client asked me to stick to business/corporate style and leave all the content in (without adding additional slides). Designed to pitch content-heavy data to quite conservative board members.

The client wanted to redesign the existing content-rich presentation to make it look zen and professional (keeping all the text in). The goal of this presentation was to present Hyperglance as a powerful, comprehensive, yet easy-to-use tool, which provides an objective infrastructure overview. I started from the following visual enhancements for illustration of the metaphor “objective overview, making the man powerful”: 
1. Implement the color scheme, based on cold colors, adjusted to the logo. 
2. Use non-default, thin, a bit condensed sans serif fonts. 
3. Use images and modern flat-type illustrations in the same color scheme. 

Client — Hyperglance

Tools: Microsoft PowerPoint + Adobe Illustrator
Skillset: Presentation Design