Visuals for not-for-profit microfinance corporation


I recently hired Tatiana as a data visualization consultant to articulate the insights of several research outcomes via visual presentations. Throughout her first project she successfully leveraged innovative visual methods and turned the data insights into a nice visual presentation. I hope to work with Tatiana in an ongoing basis and see more of her creative work!

Anahit Tevosyan
Associate Director, Research and Client Impact

FINCA International is a non-profit, microfinance organization. Sometimes referred to as the “World Bank for the Poor”, FINCA is the innovator of the village banking methodology in microcredit and is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of modern-day microfinance.

Client — FINCA

These slides showcase the design created, but the content was replaced by another text due to NDA.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator + Microsoft PowerPoint

Skillset: Graphic Design + Content design + Concept Design + Visual Art & Story Telling + Content, Pitch Deck and Web Strategy expertise