Tatiana made the impossible — possible, and I truly appreciate it. Highly recommend her!
Elad Inbar
Founder and CEO  - RobotLAB Inc.


Investor pitch ppt design

Investor pitches

Compelling startup pitch decks for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs
Slides for the conference talks

Conference talks

Engaging presentations to accompany your speech, either TED-like or expert-focused
Annual report presentation. Corporate reports. Clean and clear slides, highlighting the major data-driven insights of your survey.

Corporate reports

Clean and clear slides, highlighting the major data-driven insights of your survey
E-learning presentation for e-learning courses. Actionable presentations, simplifying the process of digging into the new fields.

E-learning courses

Actionable presentations, simplifying the process of digging into the new fields
Employee training ppt presentations. Avoid death by PowerPoint with the training materials, targeted for your employees

Business trainings

Avoid death by PowerPoint with materials, targeted for your employees
Marketing collateral ppt. Catchy unique sales and marketing decks for your prospects. Business plan presentation. Big data presentation. Data Visualization.

Marketing collaterals

Catchy unique sales and marketing decks for your prospects

The go-to package for the successful ICO launch


Bringing the extensive technical knowledge (10+ years as an analyst and tech lead in IT R&D, PhD in computer science) and academic background (6 years as an associate professor at the university) to the process of presentation development makes me excited about each project I take.

You're not always sure, that your designer is able to get all that subtle things about the architecture of your app, or the actual message you want to convey? I truly feel your pain here, been there many times. And it turned out, that my expertise in articulating various technically comprehensive topics to different target audiences, from C-Suite and experts, to scholars, is helpful.

That's why I'm offering presentation design for tech-inspired and education-related projects, including non-profits. If you agree, that often times it's hard to read the label from inside the bottle — I would love to help.





Successful pitches
Engaging speeches
Actionable courses
GTD coffees

Why outsource the presentation design?

Ease the overwhelm — both for you, your employees, customers and prospects. Working on articulating comprehensive ideas with someone, who gets the implicit interrelations and, at the same time, understands the deeply held beliefs of your audience, brings clarity. Clarity, in turn, brings power.

That kind of power, that helps you to build relationships, find win-wins, evolve trust, form a tribe around your brand.


The presentation can affect literally every single piece of all business processes you have in place. Unbelievable? Not really.

How do I manage to achieve all that with the design tools?
The overall process could be roughly split into three stages:
1. Structure the content and build the consistent mind map.
2. Linearize this mind map into the engaging and persuasive storyline.
3. Create the slides (font sets, color scheme, layout, template — I definitely pay attention to all that stuff, but it's only the third step! Not the first and not the only one — otherwise you're throwing your money away just to get a bunch of useless images).



from $790

Presentation audit

Profound audit of your presentation, including growth points identification and the precise description of the suggested design direction (both must-haves and nice-to-haves) with a bunch of alternatives


from $2 250

Rapid presentation uplift package. 

You need your presentation to be taken to the next level, and you need it fast. Yesterday, probably. Doable! I will determine those 20%, that make 80% of impact, and tweak them to make your slides look compelling


from $3 500

Full-stack presentation development

For the projects, willing to take a big leap and disrupt the market. Step by step thorough development of the multi-faceted presentation strategy, utilizing comprehensive brain science and attention management techniques




The go-to package for the successful ICO launch

For those, who are not just riding the crypto hype, but consciously using blockchain (or another DLT technology) to implement amazing things. In this package you’ll get a one-pager + a pitch deck + white paper overhaul and design + website content design + additional slides and content design tasks (there is always something additional, when you’re hustling into the ICO). Optional: content / technical / cybersecurity advisory.


Levels Ventures Logo

Levels Ventures

Since inception in 2017, Levels Ventures ( formerly known as Next Level Consulting) has been totally focusing on building a strategic consulting practice that empowers all kinds of business to be customer-centered provide solutions that make everyone in the ecosystem realize their full potential.

They have been serving many clients from all over the APAC region ( Hong Kong | Singapore | Malaysia | Indonesia | New Zealand| Australia | Philippines).

Maury Guindy

Maury is the founder of Levels Ventures.

He is a dynamic executive in the software and digital space with a demonstrated ability to achieve results in a demanding and challenging environment.

In his career, Maury managed to help many Fortune 100 companies and start-ups to realize their full potential and leverage more than fifteen years of his experience in consulting, innovation, channel management, strategic alliance, sales management, and people management.

He is a DLT expert and blockchain and Hedera Hashgraph technology passion.

Maury is an expert in building Scalable, Unique, and Profitable businesses.es.


Here are some shades of my presentation design approach. The result of the presentation development process might look like this. Or completely different: depends on the presentation goal, target audience, format of the deliverables, and so on.

A few more testimonials

Tatiana is great to work with – a trusted business consultant and extremely reliable. She has helped me to successfully develop business ideas and concepts that can be pitched to key clientele and stakeholders. Quite particularly, I appreciate Tatiana’s ability to develop corporate narratives to achieve the right messaging. I would recommend Tatiana for high- touch and quality presentations.

Janay Pyfrom-Symonette

Janay Pyfrom-Symonette, Business Development Professional & Project Manager | Entrepreneur

Tatiana is an extremely talented graphical designer who understands technology and is able to craft beautiful presentations. I can highly recommend Tatiana to anyone looking to create beautiful slide decks that resonate with their audience.

Michael De Nil

Michael De Nil, CEO & co-founder at Morse Micro – reinventing Wi-Fi for IoT

I recommend Tatiana’s services to anyone looking to create visually stunning presentation packs. We reached out to Tatiana after we’d seen her work for another firm with which we were working. This alleviated many of the usual off-shoring concerns. I’m pleased to say that from the start Tatiana was engaging and offered a reasonable commercial approach. Tatiana offered a structured approach, did her own research to support her work, and produced an alternative view of our pitch ‘story’ that we hope will be compelling to a broader audience. Tatiana works quickly, communicates incredibly well and her own research into our domain was very helpful. Her technical illustrations are wonderful, and we really appreciated her patience as we repeatedly ‘tweaked’ the design. Overall a good experience and visually stunning results.

John Greenshow

John Greenhow, Tech Strategy and Delivery at Peloton Blockchain

With a quick turnaround, Tatiana was able to make our conference presentation stand out. She quickly understood our target market, what we needed and was so easy to work with. I look forward to working with her again.

Presentation Design Client. Sarah Barnes, Director of Marketing Development at Campbell & Company testimonial about PRZNTPerfect and Tatiana Stepanova work.

Sarah Barnes, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Campbell & Company

Tatiana is a real pleasure to work with. Not only is she sharp and quick, she also has an excellent tech background, and makes invaluable strategic suggestions. I recommend her highly, and won’t hesitate to call on her again for other projects in the future.

Tatiana Stepanova testimonial for PrezntPerfect work from Yuda Saydun, President at Cylogic.io. Tatiana Stepanova is a real pleasure to work with.

Yuda Saydun, President at Cylogic.io

Tina Turner would sing Tatiana is “Simply the best!” Professional, demanding, very precise in negotiating and explaining every single aspect of your presentation strategy.

Tatiana Stepanova review for presentation design from Alberto Di Minin, Associate Professor at Institute of Management about PRZNTPerfect work.

Alberto Di Minin, Associate Professor at Institute of Management, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

Tatiana is very sharp with details. Having knowledge from cybersecurity and being a prof in cybersecurity helped her to point out key information. Creative, sharp and calm are her coolest attributes besides being IQ of above smart. I would recommend anyone proper to Tatiana for high-end presentation for sure.

Samuel Law, Founder, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian at Desto Blockchain, LLC.

Samuel Law, Founder, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian at Desto Blockchain, LLC.

Tatiana helped in designing an excellent presentation, was prompt in her response and came up with an alternative design, relevant queries, suggestions about the latest trends in ppt and project plan. Tatiana is an excellent resource for designing and providing solutions for PowerPoint presentations.

Iqbal Jugari, Head of Compliance and Control at Ostrum Asset Management Asia Limited

Iqbal Jugari, Head of Compliance and Control at Ostrum Asset Management Asia Limited

Tatiana is a very gifted communicator and presentation designer. She was able to showcase the key elements and structure of my executive pitch deck with a forward-thinking design. And meeting my deadline, well worth the time and investment, I would highly recommend her services.

Ed Houston, Director of Product Management at North American Title

Ed Houston, Director of Product Management at North American Title

Tatiana made an excellent work doing a presentation for me in rush time. She has great communication skills, design eye, and can adapt to changes.

Gabriel Brunacci, Founder at Brave New Technology

Gabriel Brunacci, Founder at Brave New Technology

I recently hired Tatiana as a data visualization consultant. Tatiana successfully leveraged innovative visual methods and turned the data insights into a nice visual presentation. I hope to work with Tatiana on an ongoing basis and see more of her creative work!

Anahit Tevosyan, Associate Director, Research and Client Impact at FINCA International

Anahit Tevosyan, Associate Director, Research and Client Impact at FINCA International

Very satisfied with the work Tatiana did for us. On top of her technical skills she acted in a very professional manner, by always being pro-active and suggesting the best way to reach our goal.
I would strongly recommend her to anyone.

Filippo Livorno, Co-founder at reFees, an innovative fintech startup.

Filippo Livorno, Co-founder at reFees, an innovative fintech startup

Here are a couple of clients I worked with, excluding individuals and those-who-must-not-be-named (yes, I'm ok with working under NDA). Most of them are influencers and thought leaders in their fields, or moving in this direction. Just like you, right?


Powerpoint outsourcing big-data presentation for Finca Foundation presentation design client. We like our clients, clients like us!